Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

VFIX upholds our pledge to safeguard the privacy and personal information of our clients. Your personal information is collected and used in accordance with this privacy policy. It is applicable to all services supplied by VFIX (such as social networks, network resources, electronic business, etc.). You might not be able to use some services if you disagree with the things this privacy statement says. You agree to the use and protection of your personal information by using our services, as outlined in this privacy policy.


To enhance user experiences and offer more personalised services
1. Direct marketing via email
2. Research on markets
3. To confirm your identification, we could utilise the personal information you provide. to stop, find, and look into fraud, put the public's safety in jeopardy, or engage in any other actions that are prohibited by law, the terms of service of this website, or agreements with third parties. furthermore to defend the legal rights of our website, its affiliates, you, and other users.
4. Analysing data
5. Any other use that you have authorised


Data on our clients is a vital component of our operations. We promise to uphold legal requirements in protecting your information. Unless as follows, we don't disclose your personal information to outside parties:
1. Obtain your approval or consent.
2. Comply with all relevant laws, rules, or court orders.
3. To offer services in accordance with "Information Management and Use" guidelines. to uphold the rights specified in this Private Policy and in the "VFIX User Agreement." To fulfil the stated objective on our behalf, we may disclose your information with VFIX associated parties, business partners, or other service providers. (For instance, payment service providers who handle your payment information or network carriers who assist us in sending notifications.)
4. Provide your details so that the


VFIX takes seriously its responsibility to use administrative, technological, and programming security measures to safeguard your personal information. to shield it from loss, disclosure, change, and unauthorised access. For any issues regarding the security of personal data, please email